Teleplay, Part 1:Skinnerboox Press (Out of stock except for special edition-signed+print)



Catharine Maloney (b. 1982, Austin, Texas) has exhibited within the USA and Europe. In 2014, she was chosen for Foam Magazine's Talent Issue. Her lesson on creating chaos in the photographic printing processes appears in The Photographers Playbook (Aperture, 2014). A book of her photographs entitled Teleplay, Part 1 came out on Skinnerboox Press in Spring 2015.


BA, Bennington College, 2005

MFA, Yale School of Art, 2009

MA, Teacher's College, Columbia University, 2012



2016 A Great Sum (In Parts), Osnova Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2016 Cabbage Cabbage, Masthead Studio, Philadelphia, PA

2016 Teleplay: Part 1, book launch, Printed Mater, New York, NY

2014/2015 Foam Talent 2014, East Wing Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2014 Foam Talent 2014, l'Atelier Néerlandais, Paris, France

2014 Foam Talent 2014, Westergasfabriek-Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2012 The Mile Long Gallery, Quassimodo Project, Charlotte, NC

2012 Brand Inovations for Ubiquitous Authorship, Higher Pictures, New York, NY

2012 New Fiction, curated by Adaptation, Wilmington, DE

2012 Teleplay Part 1, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

2010 Wonderlust, Chris White Gallery, Wilmington, DE

2009 The 30 Best Emerging Photographers, 3rd Ward Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2009 "We Belong Together: Yale MFA Photography"


Green Gallery, New Haven, CT

Capricious Space, Brooklyn, NY

Gallery 339, Philadelphia, PA

8th Veil Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2009 31 Under 31: Young Women in Art Photography, Humble Arts, 3rd Ward Gallery, Brooklyn, NY



Unseen Magazing, Fall 2016

Foam Magazine, On Earth, 2016

Canteen, Issue 9, 2015

Magenta, Issue 1, 2015

Unseen Magazine, Issue 2, Fall 2015

Teleplay, Part 1, Skinnerboox Press, 2015 (Best of listed on Humble Arts and Photo Eye, 2015)

The Photographer's Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas. edited by Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern, Aperture press, 2014.

Foam Talent Issue, 2014



Ongoing collaboration: A New Nothing with Alexander Binder

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Catharine Maloney, I Like This, December 2010.

Teleplay, Part 1, It's Nice That, December 2010.

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